Videos of my life

June 19, 2008 at 6:42 am (my life, pop culture, videos of my life) (, , , )

Who remembers when MTV used to play music videos 24 glorious hours a day? Anyone? It’s such a shame that they just play horrid pseudo-reality programming now, because my life was altered and improved tremendously by access to this amount of music and hairspray and cheeseballness and, fuck it, I’ll say it, culture foisted up on me whenever I changed the channel to 25 (I still remember what channel it was in my childhood home!). I’m going to to back and look at some of the videos of my life that made the most impact on me.

And hell, let’s start with the first video I ever remember.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before you Go Go”

This was the first video I ever remember seeing, and my initial impression of it, as a 5 year old, was that I wanted to be in that room so bad!! It looked like so much fun! Everyone was smiling, wearing bright clothes, dancing around, and oh my god, did they turn the lights off and make everything glow in the dark?!?!

I don’t remember being attracted to George Michael at that time, as I was 5, but I did develop a hearty crush on him within a few years. For the experts that pontificate on why women in their late 20s/early 30s end up with “beta males” or throw down the gauntlet of relationships and instead just hanging out with their gay boyfriends for the rest of their lives, you should perhaps take a gander at the heartthrobs of our day. How the hell did we not know that George Michael was gay? Watch 20 seconds of this video starting at 2:25- did you see that gay eye roll when he says “it’s warm in bed”??? I mean, come on!

That being said, he’s still pretty foxy. Here’s to you, George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, aka Wham! You helped to make me the gay man in a woman’s body that I am today.

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