Videos of my life, North Carolina edition

August 27, 2008 at 9:17 am (videos of my life) (, , , , )

I’m filled with North Carolina pride today. I started looking up videos from local bands that helped me start my first little tiny seeds of pride in my home state, which is full of shitty things, like…





krispy kreme

krispy kreme

But somehow, we also managed to make a lot of wonderfully original indie rock bands in the 90s. I bring you three of my favorites-

Web in Front by the Archers of Loaf, a band I never got to see in North Carolina and still regret.

Hell by the Squirrel Nut Zippers, a band I saw one year on Halloween. I was probably 17, and they played at Ziggys and passed around champagne bottles to the crowd. They were theatrical and passionate and drunk and everyone had a blast.

Underground by Ben Folds Five, a band I also saw at Ziggys as a youngster. Ben Folds had a messed up ankle and was on crutches, but the show was still a sonic stick of dynamite.

Go here to find a non-exhaustive list of bands that are from the great Tarheel State. This list, sadly does not include Petey Pablo, who had a meager hit a few years back with the song “North Carolina, C’mon and Raise Up!!!”, which encouraged the listener to take his/her shirt off, twist it around his/her hand and spin it like a helicopter. Those were good times.

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