Did you guys hear there’s an election coming up?!

September 17, 2008 at 7:05 am (pop culture) (, , , , )

I’m not the most political girl on earth.  I got burned by both Howard Dean, who I loved, and John Kerry, who I was just going through the motions for, like one of those guys you date because he looks good on paper but you know in your heart he’s not the right one for you.  So now I am a little gunshy, but to keep myself informed, I have several outlets.

First, my friends who obsessively track the election.  The two guys I know that are most into it this year are campaigning hard despite the fact that they are not allowed to vote- one is a convicted felon, and one just received his green card!  Their inability to vote makes them extra rabid and informative, so I trust them.

Second, my dad. Living in New York City, where everyone is liberal and young pretty people stop you on the sidewalk with “Do you have a few moments for Barack Obama?”, I like to check in with people older than 30 who live in more rural, conservative parts of the country.  My dad is brilliant and level-headed, lives in North Carolina, is retired, and is a registered Republican, but not a rabid Republican.  He has read two of Obama’s books.  He says:

Obama always gives a great speech.  McCain hit a homer with Palin and is getting more press than him.  Honestly either one would be ok.  Lots of mud to be slung yet.  Unfortunately it’s the emotional symbolic issues which get the most attention vs any substance.  I think Obama will win by a nose which will be fine.”

I think it’s the wisdom of age that has him talking about who will win vs. who should win, and about how really, he’ll still be fine regardless of who’s elected.

Third,  I took this quiz at ABC News, and if you ignore the ridiculous animation with it, it was pretty good.  It shows you two quotes and you just pick the one you agree with most.  For most of them you can totally tell who said it, but for a few, I was stumped, which was cool.  It turns out I’m a straight up McCain girl!!  McCain McCain McCain McCain McCain McCain McCain McCain McCain McCain McCain McCain McCain!!!

Just kidding.

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