September 29, 2008 at 7:08 am (my life) (, , , )

Yesterday we completed the task that has been in preparation for about a month now.  We woke up, made coffee, threw the coffeemaker into a box, and walked around our apartment, taping up boxes that said things like “books, some cds, two drapes” (early in the packing process) and “pans and socks and fuck you” (later in the packing process).   We walked to the UHaul place in the rain, rented our UHaul in the rain, and drove back to our apartment in the rain to find that the parking spaces we had attempted to block off with our car had been taken, leaving us to park further down the street, illegally, and in the rain.

Then we started loading up the truck…..you guessed it, in the rain.  It slowly trickled off, but everything was dirty and humid and wet and muddy and just gross.

Last night, after the mandatory pizza had been doled out to our wonderful wonderful friends, and the bed and couch and the tv had been put together, Kumail and I watched Ratatouille and blinked at each other exhaustedly.

But we’re in.

Internet at home won’t come for a day or so, but I just wanted to let you know where Gynomite’s been.  Look for her to tear it up in East Williamsburg on a daily basis as soon as her kitchen is in order.

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