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October 13, 2008 at 1:24 pm (my life, pop culture) (, , , , , )

I saw this today at the Gamestop near my house in East Williamsburg.  Nice try Nintendo, but my advice to you is to not produce too many “Designer DS Carrying Cases”.  Girls that are into video games probably won’t care about such things, and girls that aren’t into video games a) won’t be in Gamestop, and b) won’t be swayed by a free cheap designer carrying case.  If you really want to get more girl money, make every movie ever in Lego form.  Lego Ghostbusters, Lego Regarding Henry, Lego Royal Tennenbaums, Lego Sex and the City.

That’s all we’re looking for.

By the way, the games displayed under this ad were Brain Age 2 and some Japanese game about cooking.  And while I’m on the subject, after the jump is Liv Tyler’s commercial for Brain Age 2, which is adorable.

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  1. Emily Gordon #2 said,

    By the way, fellow member of the E.G. Brigade, you know we live in (practically) the same neighborhood? And we both know Ben Bass (and Beyond)? The plot thickens!

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