Does anyone remember this?

October 29, 2008 at 6:09 pm (cool things i've found, my life) (, , )

I was at a diner in a rural area over the weekend and saw that the counters and the tables were all covered in this:

Does anyone remember when these were part of the motif of Wendys?  I remember it SO clearly as a child, all the tables, counters, and even the paper that the burgers came in was covered in these old school ads.  Back when they had an old-fashioned theme.  Anyone?  Does anyone remember this?  Anyone?  I’m kinda obsessed with ads from the 30s through the 50s, and I think this may be why.

About these ads


  1. Elizabeth McQuern said,

    I remember those! I used to read them to the point that my mom would yell at me to EAT and STOP READING.

  2. Ian McDowell said,

    Crikey, I remember those! I also remember Subway having something similar for a while, although I think their’s were all connected to 19th century subway construction. But yeah, I loved the ones at Wendy’s. Going geeky for a minute, I loved the vintage ads in the back of each issue of LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, back (well before the wretched movie) when it was being published as a comic book mini-series.

  3. Roger said,

    I remember seeing them at a couple of local diners, but not really at a chain resturaunt.

  4. Russell Ohh said,

    It was the norm in Wendy’s through the 1990s. Some Wendy’s outside Annapolis and DC have these tables still, but only as part of the register and napkin tables. The actual eating tables are generic plastic. I adore old newspaper ads, and old time radio ads. I might have been born in the 80s, but my heart was born for swing dancing, film noir, and gunsmoke

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