Sun-kissed + black lipstick = eeeeek.

October 29, 2008 at 11:23 am (pop culture) (, , , )

If you’ve ever wondered if any good goth/industrial bands have come out of Hawaii, well, wonder no more!

No good ones have.

However, Hawaii did spawn one cheesy and bad goth/industrial band, Razed in Black.

From their website:

It was during the warm Hawaiian summer of 1994 that solo electronic composer ROMELL REGULACION deviated from his synth-pop outfit RIME progressing to a more aggressive and intense nature – meshing hard-edged electronics, pulsating rhythms, heavy guitars, and screaming vocals. The new project, formerly known as LOST SOULS, caught the eye of LA’s gothic-industrial mecca CLEOPATRA RECORDS who signed Lost Souls as RAZED IN BLACK after a discovery of bands with the same name. Since then, RAZED IN BLACK’s popularity has grown tremendously as its worldwide exposure continues.

exposure continues.

I love that they acknowledge how unoriginal their original band name was in their bio. I knew three different bands called Lost Souls. Apparently we all read Poppy Z Brite books.

Yikes. You don’t realize how important the pale complexion is to the goth aesthetic until it’s gone, huh?

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  1. Alex said,

    yeah well its kind of crappy when u arent pale, but unfortunately not everyone can be an albino right? I mean there are even black people who are goth, not to mention the people living in latin american, so I believe skin color shouldnt be an issue. Now when it comes to music well….. yeah they indeed arent that good, but hey the could or could not improve, anyway who cares

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