Facially confusing.

November 25, 2008 at 5:09 pm (pop culture) (, , , , , , , , )

A few weeks ago, there was some buzz about this new book that photographer Timothy White was releasing called “Hollywood Pinups” that featured some huge celebs as 50s pinups.  For charity.  I got super excited when I heard about it, because I love love love pinup photo shoots.  But then I saw some of the shots, thanks to Yeeeah.  And now I’m confused.  (NSFWishness after jump)

First off, the Olsen twins are in it, and I can’t think of two ladies less “pinupy” then them.  Maybe a skeleton dipped in yellow wax. Although the blonde one looks pretty good, actually.

Next we have Salma Hayek, she of the ridiculously perfect body, and not only can you not really see her body, but she looks weirdly….drawn.  Look at her face!

Cindy Crawford, still hot as ever, appears to have weirdo shadows painted on her, and really, wither thou that black wig?

And there’s nothing you can say to me to make me believe this is Kate Hudson.  It’s just….not.  It’s a lovely photo, but who is it?  Maybe Katherine Heigl?

And this, folks, is Susan Sarandon.

I guess for charity, it’s ok to facially confuse the hell out of me.  Go here to see more.  I’m still a little shaken up by the whole thing.

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  1. Jared said,

    Yeah, the Hayek picture is a little too airbrushed in the face, but these are stunning…especially Crawford. I haven’t seen her in years, but still amazing!

  2. Fire Surround · said,

    Katherine Heigl is my favorite actress, i love her eyes and i love her smile ”

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