Call me when you get around to suing someone over that hair.

November 28, 2008 at 9:15 am (pop culture) (, , , )

Axl Rose, in a tantrum that could only be described as “80s like”, has decided to sue Dr. Pepper.

Were you just surprised to find out that Dr. Pepper is still being manufactured? Me too. Both Axl and the Dr. Pepper share the uncomfortable feeling of being things people in their late 20s/early 30s used to care a lot about.

Anyway, apparently Dr. Pepper promised every person in America a free can of Dr. Pepper if Guns n’ Roses’ new album actually came out this year, and since it did, they launched promotion on their website where people could print off a coupon to get their very own free can on November 23rd, the day Chinese Democracy was released.

Apparently, more than 7 people tried to access the Dr. Pepper site at once, and the site crashed.

Axl got pissed. In a letter issued by his lawyer, Dr. Pepper “ruined the day of Chinese Democracy’s release”. The band is seeking a public apology via ads in newspapers, plus more time for people to claim their free soda and monetary damages.

As we all now know, Dr. Pepper created an expansive and highly-publicized advertising campaign based solely on the exploitation of my cleints’ legendary reputation. In and of itself this campaign brazenly violated our clients’ rights in numerous respects. Unfortunately, Dr. Pepper has now magnified the damage this campaign has caused through its appalling failure to make good on a promise it made to the American public.

Our clients are outrated at your treatment of their fans and the American public in general. After it became clear that Chinese Democracy would be released in 2008, Dr. Pepper executive Tony Jacobs proudly proclaimed that Dr. Pepper would make good on its promise to give a free soda to everyone in America. It turned out that Dr. Pepper did not define ‘everyone in America’ the same way as ‘everyone in America’ defined ‘everyone in America.

Stick it to the flailing soda company, Axl.

We all know what you're really mad about, Axl baby.

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