Miami Horse

December 31, 2008 at 8:21 am (silly thoughts) (, , )

And now, the fruits of our labor in North Carolina over the holidays, I present the Internet meme that I predict will sweep the nation.

It’s simple: take a TV show title, remove one word, and replace it with the word horse.  I’ll show you our best ones, and then you show me your best ones.

  • That 70s Horse
  • My So-Called Horse
  • Who Wants to Be a Horse?
  • Murder She Horse
  • According to Horse
  • Boy Meets Horse
  • Saved by the Horse:  The College Years
  • Queer as Horse
  • Desperate Horsewives
  • Saturday Night Horse
  • Law & Order: Special Horses Unit

Ok, now you go!

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  1. Kumail said,

    Best Meme Ever!

    Will and Horse
    Horse or No Deal
    Batman The Animated Horse

  2. chris said,

    Two Guys, A Horse and a Pizza Place
    The Horsegirls
    2 and a Half Horses
    Tila Tequila: A Horse at Love

  3. Los said,

    Battlestar Galactihorse
    Whose Horse Is It Anyway
    Scooby Horse
    Fraggile Horse
    Horse Your Shorts
    Horsegate SG-1
    He-Horse and the Masters of the Horse
    Little Horse On the Prarie
    You Can’t Do Horse On Television
    Lets Make A Horse!
    The Horse-mance
    My Wife and Horse
    The Fresh Horse of Bellair

  4. whitney said,

    Full Horse
    Horse and Butthead / Beavis and Horsehead
    Little House on the Horse
    Who’s the Horse?
    Horse in Charge

  5. Vivek said,

    Horse (Chuck)
    Horses (Cheers)
    Horse (Dallas)
    Horse (Dynasty)
    Horses (Heroes)
    Horse (House)
    The Horse (The Wire)
    HRS (CSI)
    40R53 (90210)
    45 (24)

  6. Vivek said,

    Horse’s Anatomy
    West Horse
    It’s Always Horsey in Filly-delphia
    Saturday Night Horse
    One Tree Horse
    Family Horse
    Horse I Met Your Mother

  7. Jared said,

    The Scarecrow and Mrs. Horse
    Jake and the Fat Horse
    My So-Called Horse
    Who Wants to be a Horse?
    Caroline in the Horse

  8. Matthew Zellman said,


    Horse Office

  9. No more horsing around, let’s make this a phenomenon! « Gynomite! said,

    [...] January 23, 2010 at 10:05 am (Comedy, my life) (kumail, miami horse, my life) Hey, do you guys remember when Kumail and I tried to start an Internet meme of replacing one word in the title of a TV show with the word horse, a la Miami Horse? [...]

  10. Arashi Kensho said, Wow, very beutifull horse.. Dijual gak?

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