Two fantastically bad tattoos

January 29, 2009 at 2:15 pm (silly thoughts) (, )

Courtesy of Josh, purveyor of all things overly weird.


Um, I wanna get something that kinda looks like the Fonz, right?  And I want him to be like, standing in the middle of a thunderstorm, ok?  But, like, I want the Fonz himself to be a hotdog instead of the Fonz, because how fucked up would that be?  So he’s like wearing the leather jacket and you’re like ‘ok ok, I get it, it’s the Fonz, whoooooa- what?!?!’  Also he should be holding some mustard, and I want some flowers and shit around the whole thing, and I want a banner that says ‘Guilty of Being Delicious’.  You got all that?

I really like that Goo Goo Dolls song from that movie about that angel that’s actually Nicholas Cage.  So, I wanna get a line from that tattooed on me, probably the one about bleeding and being alive and shit.  I want it around my midsection so I can go ahead and show that off.  And can you do it in cursive writing, but make blood dripping out of it, like that shit from that Harry Potter movie?  Hurry up, don’t bother with the grammar checking!  Get to it!

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  1. kristymangel said,

    DUDE! my friend Aaron has a very similar hot dog tattoo! i thought it was an original, but i guess not! look, i even went into his MySpace page, found the image, dl’ed it, uploaded it into my Photobucket acc’t, and finally, gave it to you in a comment on your blog. i feel a little sick, actually.

  2. kristymangel said,

    img code didn’t work. here’s the straight up URL to the image in my photobucket acc’t.

  3. Female Tattoos said,

    [...] Two fantastically bad tattoos « Gynomite! [...]

  4. Liamlunchtray said,

    Well this is just very strange. So the “Guilty of Being Delicious” tattoo up top is mine and it was done by Mike Brousseau ay Federal Hill Tattoo in Providence RI. It is a play on the song “Guilty of Being White” by Minor Threat. The art is a joke playing on the Minor Threat “Bottled Violence” logo ( ) This tattoo was done in either 2005 or 2006, I cant quite remember. Anyhow, the idea that someone ripped off my dumb tattoo is retarded enough – The idea that they don’t seem to get that it is a Minor Threat tattoo and instead have made it into some kind of Fonzie thing is just assinine. Who the fuck gets a tattoo this dumb without it being an original idea?


  5. Nate said,

    Oh my god!!! Thats my friend Owen’s dad’s tattoo

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