This just in: hard-hitting, hard-rocking research

March 3, 2009 at 7:50 am (music) (, , )

Two gentlemen at the University of New South Wales published an adorable piece of research in an article called  Head and neck injury risks in heavy metal: head bangers stuck between rock and a hard bass.

Awwww, cute!  Cute and hardcore research!

The objective? To investigate the risks of mild traumatic brain injury and neck injury associated with head banging, a popular dance form accompanying heavy metal music.

And how did they measure this?  Head Injury Criterion and Neck Injury Criterion were derived for head banging styles and both popular heavy metal songs and easy listening music controls.

Jump to find out the completely surprising results!

………head banging hurts.

It was found that the average head banging song has a tempo of 146 beats per minute, and by head-banging to a song that fast, at more than a 75 degree angle, headaches and dizziness may soon follow.



Guys, what do we do?  What do you suggest?

Professor McIntosh advises:

To minimise the risk of head and neck injury, headbangers should decrease their range of head and neck motion, headbang to slower tempo songs by replacing heavy metal with adult oriented rock, only headbang to every second beat, or use personal protective equipment.

Also recommended?  Placing anti-head banging warnings on CDs.

I hope moms don’t get wind of this.

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  1. ragnarok said,

    although you can cause injury while heandbanging or doing windmills, you can also injure yourself while performing other dances such as breakdancing, or ballroom dancing or ballet or even hip hop dancing, but people who headbang often also develop strong neck muscles and get use to the headbang motion and know how to minimise headaches and pains

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