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April 9, 2009 at 9:11 am (science) (, , )

In 2001 a Hammerhead shark was born at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska.  It was born in a tank that held three female sharks, no male sharks, and the three female sharks had been in the same tank together for at least three years.

shit, I thought I didnt need to be on the shark pill

Shit, I stopped taking my shark birth control pills months ago!!


Unless sharks can make booty calls, this was a mystery for the ages.

Some scientists thought that maybe one of the girl sharks was just holding on to sperm for a few years, some thought that it was asexual reproduction, and no scientists agreed with my theory that it was a shark booty call.

But in 2007, they tested the baby’s DNA, and after determining which one was the momma shark, and then taking out her DNA from the baby’s DNA, there was no DNA left.

Conclusion:  This baby shark is Jesus.

Other conclusion: At least 3 chick flicks will use this information in the “witty banter” part of their script to indicate how little men are needed in their lives.

Go here to read about nine other science mysteries that have recently been solved!

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