You can’t hide from me Arcane!

July 17, 2009 at 8:52 am (music) (, , , , , )

If you live in the NYC and are free either tonight or Monday night, you could be one of the lucky ones to see the death metal band Eyes of Noctum.

You might be like “I don’t even like death metal!  Why would I care about this band?”, to which I would respond “Jump and you’ll see”.

The lead singer of Eyes of Noctum is Weston Coppola, Nicolas Cage’s oldest son.  (By the way, I can’t figure out who looks the most uncomfortable in this picture.  I think it’s Nic Cage’s wife.)

Weston, just like his father, shies away from his famous name (Nic Cage is actually Nic Coppola but didn’t want that to help him get parts) and calls himself Arcane.  From the website:

The founding member of Eyes of Noctum, in collaboration with Asmodeous, Arcane was previously in Hells Disciple, an instrumental solo project that began in 2004. After exploring literature, philosophy, mythology and theatre, Hells Disciple was put on hold. Years later, after a hiatus dedicated to poetry and creative writing, Arcane gravitated back into his musical passion, giving his “words life with the spirit of sound.” While studying, he developed his own ideology, later coupling it with music and becoming a vocalist. Arcane enjoys espousing his ideology and telling stories in metaphoric tongue set to metal. His role as vocalist reveals Arcane’s unique voice and broad vocal range.

If Hulk Hogan's horrible daughter gets a reality show, why doesn't this guy?

So if you’re around this weekend, you should check them out!  Children of celebrity bands are the new celebrity bands!!!

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