A bit of the old Ultraviolence

August 31, 2009 at 8:59 am (music) (, , , )

I’ve been writing this thing about how I was goth in high school, and it got me all churned up to find some of the CDs I had back then.  Luckily, I had the sense to keep the ones that were so insane that no one would believe me if I didn’t still have them.

For example, Ultraviolence.


This was a band that I found while my friends and I raided a CD store that was going out of business in the mid 90s.  I had never heard of them, but the packaging intrigued me.  This band introduced me to the hell that is “electro concept albums”.

Here’s the story.  The guy on the right is a sociopathic hit man.  He was hired to kill the girl on the left, Jessica.  Jessica is a drug addict/incest victim/nightclub singer/prostitute with “the voice of an angel”, so when he gets to the club where she’s singing to kill her, he falls in love with her instead, and they run away together.

Spoiler alert: things don’t work out well in the end.  Just check out the track listing.

  1. Birth/Jessica
  2. The Reject
  3. Disco Boyfriend
  4. Pimp
  5. Psycho Drama
  6. Birth/Hitman
  7. Stone Faced
  8. Murder Academy
  9. Hitman’s Heart
  10. Contract
  11. Lovers
  12. Suicide Pact
  13. God’s Mistake
  14. Searching Hell
  15. Heaven is Oblivion

This is a truly horrible album, nearly unlistenable, and luckily, the absolutely worst track is on Youtube.  So get ready everyone, for the song Psycho Drama.

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