Obama and the Goths!

September 26, 2009 at 9:31 am (politics) (, , , , , )

The fun goth stuff just keeps rolling in, ever since I wrote about being goth in Lemondrop! This picture was sent to me yesterday, with this caption:

Here’s Barack and Michelle Obama with Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and his family. The State Department uploaded it to Flickr. (What an unlikely sentence!) Whoops—no one in Spain has ever seen Zapatero’s Goth daughters before! According to Zapatero, Spanish law allows him to prevent the Spanish media from running any photographs of his 16 and 13-year-old daughters Laura and Alba. For their privacy, see. And because maybe it would be considered weird for the PM to have goth daughters, but it totally shouldn’t be. It is a natural part of life, becoming a teenaged goth.

Jump to see it, you won’t be disappointed. (Also, that’s an awesome law)


Thanks to Kenz for the heads up!

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1 Comment

  1. john everett said,

    Nice catch, I read an article earlier saying this is the first glimpse the majority of the Spanish people have had of the Presidents children.

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