Facebook: Fixed.

October 21, 2009 at 8:16 pm (ask gynomite) ()

FYI- This was the question I received that was so Facebooky that I slid it over to the Laurens at Fix My Facebook.  Their answer should be up soooooooon!

How do I handle a really passive aggressive Facebook friend?  I have this friend that I see fairly often because she’s in my circle, but we’re not super close or anything.  She constantly posts status updates and tweets that seem to be aimed at me directly, stuff like “well I guess some people get drunk faster than others” the morning after I get drunk with everyone, or “Ugh, some people need to shut up” after I post a few updates in a row.  If I say anything to her about it, I know she’s going to say that I’m being egotistical by assuming they’re about me, but I KNOW they’re about me.  What do I do?

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