Let’s take an inventory, shall we?

November 20, 2009 at 10:31 am (gynomite's emotional assignment of the day) (, , , , , )

Rich Santos over at Marie Claire wrote a piece about whether or not women should stay with men who screw up.  I like it both because it’s from the perspective of a man who purports to be a “good guy” watching women stay with shitty men, and because it’s a nice definitive list.  Men are much more black and white thinkers than women, and while I usually think of that as a disadvantage, I think sometimes it’s good to have some hard and fast rules.

The offenses covered in this article are drugs and alcohol, cheating, verbal abuse, forgetfulness, physical abuse, accidental insult, and disrespecting friends and family.  Rich says:

It is astounding to me that women stay with bad guys.  I hear the same thing from most women: “girls are stupid.” I would like to put a more positive spin on it: I think girls are just loyal and determined to a fault at times. If it was working before, they want to make it work again, and it’s hard to walk away from something you’ve worked hard on.

Go delve into his thoughts here.

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