Rock royalty

November 25, 2009 at 10:01 am (music) (, , , , , )

Sonic Youth is playing tonight in NYC, which got me thinking about Coco.

Coco is the daughter of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, the guitarist and basisst for Sonic Youth.  I remember hearing about her being born and getting all fuzzy and warm feeling for how awesome of an upbringing that would be.

So I thought, since she’s probably nearly an adult now, let’s look her up.

Coco (on the left) hanging out on the set of Gilmore Girls in 2006

Look at how adorable and not famousy this girl looks.  She just looks like a cool ass kid you’d want to have lunch with, unlike other rock royalty (I’m looking at you, Francis Bean)

…anyway, you can read all kinds of fun stuff about Coco here, but my favorite factoid is that she’s in a band called Lightbulb.  But also, she was in a Dinosaur Jr. video with her dad.  SWOOOOOOOON

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  1. Brettney said,

    dude, i go to school with her. she’s a gem.

  2. summer said,

    frances bean is sooo cute, bean is just shit

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