Dating hints from a man.

January 15, 2010 at 1:35 pm (relationships) (, , , )

Lemondrop has a guy-written post about the top girl behaviors that annoy guys on dates, and while I usually get annoyed at being told what qualities my gender possesses that are “annoying”, because god forbid we annoy men, this was actually a good list.  So I present to you my favorite entries from “Things Women Do on Dates That Suck That I Wish They Wouldn’t Do Anymore”.  Jump it!

Complaining- Seriously ladies, that’s ridiculous, and I’ve watched women do this on group dates.  If you want attention, try another way.

Really Not Getting That It’s Not Happening- “If he or she’s not clearly proactive about the prospects of seeing you again, just shut it down.”

Rudeness to a Bartender/Server- This is a total dealbreaker for most people I know.

Having Immutable Rules-  I was out to dinner with a few good friends recently, and one guy offered pizza to another guy.  The other guy said “Oh no thanks, I don’t eat pizza with vegetables on it.”  The offerer said “I’m going to tell you something your mom should have said to you when you were 10- shut the fuck up and eat the pizza!”  I love that so much.  Because if on a first date you’re already showing how rigid and inflexible you are about just food, imagine how rigid and inflexible you’ll be about everything else.  (Food allergies aside, obvi.)

Go here and read the rest- they’re great!

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  1. coconazi said,

    100 percent agree with everything here.

    i like your blog :]
    check out mine if you have the chance?

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