No more horsing around, let’s make this a phenomenon!

January 23, 2010 at 10:05 am (Comedy, my life) (, , )

Hey, do you guys remember when Kumail and I tried to start an Internet meme of replacing one word in the title of a TV show with the word horse, a la Miami Horse?

Well Kumail took it to the next level by trying to name as many as he could at a World Appreciation Society Event at Joe’s Pub last week, sponsored by the Universal Record Database.

Here’s the link to find all the information about how it was done, and to the video if it doesn’t play (I’m the worst embedder ever), but if you are interested in trying to beat the record, know that these are the rules:

- can only replace one non-plural single word title (ie. Seinfeld = Horse) and one plural single word title (ie. Friends = Horses) per attempt
- when replacing single word titles, you must say the show you’re referencing, ie. “Horse – Seinfeld, Horses – Friends”
- each show title can only be used once, ie. can’t use both “Horse Or No Deal” and “Deal Or No Horse”
- variations of the word “horse” are acceptable when it suits show title, ie. Touched By An Angel = Horsed By An Angel
- replacing just syllables with “horse” is not permitted, ie. “Desperate Horsewives” doesn’t count

Those guys are sticklers.

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