Remember Me

February 26, 2010 at 8:28 am (movies) (, , , )

I’m become a little obsessed with the movie Remember Me.  If you aren’t aware, it’s the first non-Twilight movie starring Robert Pattinson, he of the glowering silence.

First, let’s discuss the trailer.

Oh Pattinson.  Since I’ve never really seen you speak, I can’t tell if it’s how you normally speak or if it’s your struggle to use an American accent that causes you to talk as if you’re trying to keep your massive teeth from falling out of your head.   Because they are massive, and they do threaten your entire mouth.

The movie appears to be about a rough trade, stuck in a rut guy who is taught how to live by a Manic Pixie Dream Girl (What, dessert first? How charming and spontaneous!!!), in this case, Claire from Lost.  I am so constantly annoyed by the Manic Pixie Dream Girl as a lazy plot device, and here are two great articles about the phenomenon.  You know the type: she’s quirky and cute and exists only to help our hero wake up and live life fully.  She has no personality of her own and is just a collection of quirks.  She is often Natalie Portman.

But not only is the plot hack, the dialogue is too.  Here are a few of the lines from the trailer:

  • “I don’t date sociology majors.” “Lucky for you I am undecided.” “About what?” “…..everything.”
  • “You’re a little bit lost, aren’t you?” “You think you know me, you don’t.”
  • “I don’t want to be bailed out of anything!!!”  (best when yelled at your father)

So fine, it’s a hack love story.  But it’s sooooo much more than that.  Jump if you want spoilers, and ONLY if you want spoilers.

At the end of the movie, when everything seems to be ok, Pattinson goes into the World Trade Center to say something important to his dad, looks out the window and watches the first plane crash into where he is standing. That’s right, the movie ends with him dying in the 9/11 attacks.  We’ve come a long way from Raimi taking the WTC out of the Spiderman posters out of respect.  Here’s a homemade movie poster for Remember Me that really captures its essence.

9/11: Now a deus ex machina.

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  1. Carrie said,

    I’ve seen some of his pre-Twilight work and let me just say, this movie has to be good or his H-wood future could be in jeopardy!

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