Stuff You Should Read Today!

June 17, 2010 at 2:54 pm (music, pop culture, television) (, , , , , )

Here’s the story of Jonah Hill’s massive arm scar, which I’ve never noticed before (I’ve been distracted by all that neckbeard).

This week’s Guyspeak/Girlspeak at Lemondrop, where a guy and I debate what to do when you fall in love with a friend.

Here’s the leaked Dr. Dre/Jay-Z collaboration that Dre seems to be apologizing for, even though it’s awesome and samples fucking Kraftwerk!  Trans-Europe Express!  For real!  Go listen!

I reminisce over my favorite vacation episodes of sitcoms throughout the years over at, go check it out and see if you have any to add.

Here's why drugs are bad kids. The addict is on the right.

Weirdness: Jeremy London, who has a history of substance abuse issues, claims he was kidnapped at gunpoint by two men who forced him to buy alcohol and smoke crack.  Sounds like every addict’s fantasy… but they did arrest a guy for it.  I wonder what Jason London thinks of all this?

Old school home ec classes were way more intense!  Read all about it!

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