Can your electronic store do this?

July 22, 2010 at 9:47 am (Los Angeles) (, , , )

Yesterday my laptop was called up to heaven, and of course I got another MacBook at once, but we (read: Kumail) realized that to transfer my info to the new computer, we would need some electronics. We were advised to go to Fry’s Electronics for cheap good stuff, we went to the website to find the nearest location in Burbank, and then we drove over.  Exciting story so far, right?  Nothing about the recommendation, the website, or the area in Burbank could have prepared us for Fry’s.

Oh, so what, they have a kooky entrance?

You have no idea.

While most of the store is just store-themed, the check out area near the front is made to look like an old timey supermarket, complete with sale prices on bananas and these aliens looming over everything.  In fact, these little guys are set up on top of most of the aisles, peering down at customers and pointing ray guns at them.

This is the computer section, and each of the Octomonster’s tentacles hold up another row of computers.

It’s hard to tell, but Robbie the robot here is standing in front of a massive spaceship that takes up the ceiling of 1/3 of the store. Also, speakers!

This cop is gonna need some backup. Perhaps Customer Service can help?

Finally, in the back of the store, amongst the video games, is an actual cafe, with each car holding a full table and chairs set.  Two cute old men were back there while we checked it out.  My favorite thing about the whole store is that everyone there is clearly used to all this insanity, while Kumail and I just ran around squealing and freaking out the whole time.  Also, their prices are great.

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  1. sweetlora said,

    Kooks to the max! I always thought the one in Dallas was over-the-top because it’s Dallas. They have huge longhorns on the outside that are constantly mooing. The inside continues the theme of cowboy adventure gone terribly wrong. I feel like a road trip could be planned around visiting the Fry’s around the country.

  2. pallavi said,

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