Bumbershoot and beyond.

September 7, 2010 at 8:58 am (Comedy, my life) (, , , )

Kumail and I have been on the road in the lovely Pacific Northwest for the last few days, at Bumbershoot and now in Portland.  At Bumbershoot I got to see some awesome NY folk and watch a lot of great comedy and music, so I thought I’d share pics from the last few days with you.  More to come as more days occur.

Here's Seattle from our hotel room. That thing in the left is the sun, which only appeared our first day and NEVER AGAIN.

Is this laziness at tearing down old stuff or is this art? (Deep questions, Seattle)

Look, it's water!

Kumail, uncomfortably blending into the crowd in front of the world's first Starbucks.

Oh hey look, it's the comedy show lineup for Bumbershoot! Wow, so many sold out shows, except for...

Hooray, now everything is sold out!!

A sculpture made of popsicle sticks at Bumbershoot!

Here's Bob Dylan (in the cowboy hat) totally underwhelming the crowd. You couldn't hear a single word he was singing. Mulaney summed it up best: "No wonder this didn't stop Vietnam"

We took a break from the festivities to go hang out with a baby- this one is named Hank, and he's awesome.

This is me posing for a pretty picture with this nice horsie at PAX. We got to play and see some amazing upcoming video games (LITTLE BIG PLANET 2!!)

Courtney Love and Hole. We all went to this show anticipating how fun the trainwreck would be, and then she brought it with a charming and fierce intensity. She also played a cover of "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam. She also got cut off by her band whenever she started talking a wee bit crazy.

I have no pictures of the Nerdist podcast live, but Hardwick, Jonah, and Matt are swell guys are were amazing live.  Highlight of the fest for me.  That is all.

From Bumbershoot, we rented a PT Cruiser and began the drive to Portland. This is my "I'm driving a PT Cruiser" face.

Oooooh, mountains.

Getting loopy on the hood of the Cruiser once we finally reached Portland.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

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