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September 10, 2010 at 11:29 am (Comedy, food, Los Angeles, movies, politics) (, , , , )

Here’s a thing I wrote for the comedy magazine Re: Com about why watching comedy at festivals is better than watching music at festivals.

This is a really interesting article about why more people believe Obama is Muslim now than ever.  Essentially, it’s about their dissatisfaction with his presidency and the way the questions are worded more than anything.  If you ask someone if Obama’s a Muslim you get one number, but if you ask a person what race they are and then if Obama is Muslim, the number jumps because they’re reminded of how he is different than them.  A must read. *NEWSFLASH* He’s not Muslim, but why on earth would it matter if he was?

A creepy experiment with men’s pants at Esquire, where they measured the actual waistband of size 36 pants to see how big they actually were.  Every single one they measured was over 36 inches.  It’s ingenious, because if you go to Old Navy and are pleasantly surprised to fit your fatass into a 36″ waist, you’re going to keep going back.  Often.  Plus then they can accommodate plus sizes without having a plus sized line.  Evil genius.

Disappointing 90s movies.  Dig it.

I just interviewed Alie and Georgia for Lemondrop (it’ll go up next week sometime), and they are the coolest.  Their webshow “Drinks with Alie and Georgia” premieres this Monday at Food2, and here’s one of the YouTube videos that got them the show!

This Chinese woman sued a movie theater for wasting her time.  Sounds like Coupon: the Movie: the Sequel.

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  1. Nathan Marcello said,

    I wonder if my 30’s are actually like 34’s or something crazy… It’s the opposite with those “ghetto” baggy pants. They will say like 40 on them and actually be like a 32.

  2. K-Rock said,

    i’m consistently surprised when i get into a Medium at Old Navy, and knowing how inaccurate it is, have taken to calling it “an Old Navy Medium”.

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