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Finally, how to tip in every restaurant situation spelled out for me!  I apologize, bussers of tables at Souper Salad in NC.

Here’s an obituary I wrote for that bathing suit-hating, chocolate-loving neurotic “modern” woman, Cathy.  She ended her strip this past week with pregnancy, whereas I was expecting a massive stress-related heart attack.

This is a great essay in Psychology Today about bedbugs, terrorism, and fear.

This woman is getting married for the first time at age 85.  So there.

Got $800 and a desire to eat some horrible food for the next 365 days?  Well, CostCo can help!  (Are they trying to drum up bomb shelter-era fear?  I’m so confused.)

I had the privilege of interviewing Darin Strauss, author of the kinda-memoir Half a Life, for Lemondrop this week.  It’s a great book about how he accidentally hit a girl with his car at age 18 and has been trying to deal with it ever since.  Really awesome thoughts on grief and guilt and coping.  The interview is fine, the book is a must-read.

These guys are begging for the powers-that-be to stop using Train songs in ads and movie trailers.  And I’m with them.

$15,000 gingerbread house at Neiman Marcus?  I write about this delicious atrocity at Lemondrop.

The disappearing honeybee problem SOLVED by science (this is for my Dad)

They’re making the Awkward Family Photos blog into a TV SHOW.  What happened to blogs like this getting book deals?  Are we already past that, ABC?

I write about how I decide if I like a new TV show or not for

When hijab and high fashion meet- this was a great interview of Atik, hijab designer.

Why the Glee kids having more hit singles than The Beatles doesn’t matter- basically a) our record-keeping wasn’t crazy accurate back then, so we don’t know how popular their songs were exactly, and more relevantly, b) THESE KIDS JUST SING OTHER PEOPLE’S SONGS THAT WERE ALREADY HITS.

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