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This was an interesting post about how movie stars may be internalizing movie scripts more than the rest of us.  Movie scripts in this post are not actual scripts, but rather the prescribed ways of behaving that we get from every romcom on earth.  You know, like how if you hate a guy, it means you’ll end up with him (every Katherine Hiegl movie), or how every woman needs to be “rescued” from their asshole boyfriend by the nice guy waiting in the wings (Wedding Crashers, Leap Year).  But I digress.  This is about Ms. Jolie.

Russian Love Videos- when can we get them here in America?  (For Lemondrop)

UFOs over Manhattan?  Don’t worry folks, we can still be cynical about it!

Big Top Cookie, for when baby cookies will not do. (for Lemondrop)

And you thought American TV was exploitative?  Here’s a Japanese game show where the object is apparently to convince small children that zombies are attacking and they are the only ones who can stop it.  What they didn’t count on in this clip is one little boy going to town on the zombie’s head, terrified and doing his best to protect his brother and sister.

I caught McRib Fever for Lemondrop.  Note: I did not actually eat a McRib.

Because I am tired of all these blog top ten lists but unable to fight anymore, here’s the 7 most awesome numbers between 1 and 10!

I couldn’t stop freaking out over Abed’s background storyline, so let me write about it.  Thanks!

Scientists are suggesting that cancer is essentially manmade.  It’s not that it didn’t exist before, but it was incredibly rare.  We did this, with pollution and shitty diets.  Ouch.

I wrote about a Twilight-themed class they’re teaching at California State University.

This blonde haired, blue eyed girl was runner up for Miss India New Zealand.  People are furious. Also, there’s a Miss India New Zealand competition.


On the left, silly.


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