Gynomite’s Emotional Assignment of the Day

October 27, 2010 at 10:54 am (gynomite's emotional assignment of the day, relationships) (, , , )

I was writing something for another blog about relationships when I remembered this relationship tip that I learned at some point and thought to be genius.  It didn’t fit in the other piece, so here it is.

If you’re in a relationship that’s fairly established, next time you’re having an evening with your partner, stop and watch yourselves as if you’re on a TV show.

That’s it.

Don’t stop interacting with him/her, but rather just treat your interactions as you treat a job interview, where you’re incredibly aware of every nuance, every communication, and every thought.  Why?

As we get comfortable in our communications with other people, often those communications get stale and… unspecial.  The jokes we used to laugh at are grunted at, and the effort we used to take in calling someone a pet name or remembering something interesting you read about all goes out the window.  Some people don’t even call their honey “honey” unless they’re being sarcastic and lecturing.

Sometimes behavior change comes from deep insight, and sometimes it’s just about getting out of a behavior rut.  Watch yourself interact with your partner, and if you wouldn’t like watching the couple you see on TV, do something about it.  Collect fun things to say to your partner, call him/her something sweet, dole out compliments, and be present in conversations.  It’s a tiny thing, but you’d be amazed how much it works.


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  1. Jordan Gadsby said,

    Interesting idea, I like it.

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