Left leg out. Always.

October 27, 2010 at 1:07 pm (cuteness) ()

That’s the thing about Bagel.  She always has to have her back leg sticking out straight.

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  1. karen yannetti said,

    Dear Emily, I am not going to be the kind of person that says terriable things to someone that needs help. PLEASE, take care of yourself and go to a shrink. No shame in it. It just might surprise you. Sincerly Karen

    • Kumail Nanjiani said,


      How is this comment pertinent to a picture of a cat who leaves her left leg sticking out straight at all times? Please explain.

      Also, you misspelled the word “terrible”. And there is shame in that.

      You also misspelled the word “sincerely.”


      Kumail Nanjiani

  2. WTF??? said,

    I LOVE the random pics of Bagel and stories about Bagel!!!!! I don’t even see how the post from “Karen” is relevant or makes sense. Why are cuteoverload.com and lolcatz so popular? Because people LOVE it! I think Karen may need to ask herself why the cute/funny pic of a cat upsets her so much? Did a cat scratch you and leave you deformed? Did a cat shit in your shoe or piss in your bed? Maybe you deserved it Karen.
    Karen, you seem like a really hateful person. I think you have some issues.
    Take care of you. And please, do not go near any cats or kittens in the process. You don’t deserve to be around them.

    Plus you can’t spell. Most people of the opposite and same sex do not like people who are insensitive towards animals AND can’t spell. Those are two serious red flags. Do you live alone???? Are you eating cat food right now????

    Someone who LOVES the photos and articles of Bagel. Thank you.

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