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October 29, 2010 at 9:55 am (cuteness, movies, music, my life, pop culture, television, Uncategorized)

A bunch of Internet experts try to explain why cats dominate in cute Internet stuff:

When a dog gets in a box, it’s because he desperately wants you to think he’s cool. When a cat does it, it’s because it suddenly felt like the right thing to do at the time. More often than not, it totally was… The many Keyboard Dogs were a failure not just because they came second, but because they were enjoying themselves far too much.

Wes Anderson-themed wedding videos: the source of a brand new emotion that is half vomiting and half charm.  I wrote it for Lemondrop!

A great little opinion piece on why Google will never be better than just asking someone, at Tech Crunch.

The neuroscience behind falling in love, finally uncovered!

Here are some fun legal things you can do on a plane- it’s Fun with TSA!

I watched $#*! My Dad Says for four whole episodes for  I hope they appreciated it.

I wrote up a thing for the adorable rom-com Must Love Jaws for Lemondrop.

Andy Dick exposed himself at a coffeeshop this week.  It must be time for the Winter Solstice again.

MC Hammer, upset about being name-checked by Jay-Z in a song, is recording an entire Jay-Z dis album.  Yup.  It’s called Better Run Run.  This is either genius or completely delusional.

The rant I wrote about the Marie Claire fat fracas was rerun on Lemondrop and AOL.  They made some sweet edits too.  Go check in on all the insane comments.

Best. Tramp Stamp. Ever.

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