“Love that is dying concerns scarcity, whereas genuine love involves abundance.”

November 28, 2010 at 11:17 am (psychology, relationships) (, , )

What does it mean to say that you can’t get enough of another person?  Psychology Today decided to break it down, and rather than make love sound lame and intellectual, I thought it was kinda beautiful.

It sets up enjoying one’s lover as an experience that is intrinsically (rather than extrinsically) valuable. Painting, listening to music, playing video games- these are all things we do for the experience of doing them rather than for the end result.  Such is spending time with someone you love.  It doesn’t mean you can do nothing else while experiencing it, it doesn’t mean you only want to do that, it just means that you spend time with the person because it is its own reward.  And I love it.  Listen:

Just as we can never finish listening to music or engaging in intellectual thought, and hence we can never get enough of such activities, so we cannot exhaust all the various possibilities of being with our beloved, and hence we can never have enough of her.

Go read it!

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