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January 27, 2011 at 2:04 pm (gynomite's reading room, Uncategorized)

This absolutely killed me- Videogum asks “What’s the most iconic image of the Sundance Film Festival?

And from 11points, 11 super badass math tricks! Impress and/or scare your friends!

I interviewed the woman who came up with the term “emotional vampire”- for MyDaily!

Can we, as a nation, make Rick Moranis’ album a huge hit? Please?

And then we have ten great uses for your toaster oven! Who says I don’t dole out useful information?

I liked Tim Pawlenty better before, when he was Bill Pullman in Independence Day. I love that political ads are so over the top heart string-tuggy now that they just go ahead and acknowledge that they’re basically movie trailers, and not methods of disseminating information.

Again, damn you, ladies of The Hairpin. A collection of stories about us when we were young and made up dance routines at sleepovers. They inspired me to write out my own.

The story on the front page of the Washington Post today was about a sudden “thundersnow” storm that struck yesterday. This is the image they chose to represent that storm.

And lo, a star was born. Why is this man running in a snowstorm with an ice cream cone, and why does he look so melodramatic? Buzzfeed offers up possible reasons.

Betty White nude photos are released, and they couldn’t get more adorable and nonsexual. Go take a look!

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