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March 25, 2011 at 9:53 am (gynomite's reading room, Uncategorized)

Rural American families have been undergoing huge changes over the past few decades, including a rising divorce rate. Says one divorced Iowa woman- “As we get more education we get more confidence and more income,” Ms. Vermeer said, “women are saying, ‘Look, she finally had the guts to stand up and walk out.’ ” Pretty inspiring stuff.

The death knoll of hipsterism: Yelp has officially added “hipster” as a type of ambiance you can search for when looking for a bar. Hipster joins romantic, dive-y, classy, and trendy as a destination of mind, body, and soul.

This blew my mind- the secret messages in 12 company logos. You’ll never be able to unsee!

Cupcake wars! The owners of Magnolia Bakery are all suing each other, and I write punny things about it for MyDaily!

You can actually buy a Dita Von Teese cardigan… sorry, let me correct myself: You can actually buy ME a Dita Von Teese cardigan! Do it!

More fun posts from me at Nerdist!

How baby carrots became (are becoming?) the newest junk food!

Gabe from Videogum’s scorching open letter to Good Morning America in reference to the Chris Brown situation. Everyone should read this, because good lord I’ve had enough of shitty domestically violent celebrities shitheads.

We are talking about a convicted domestic abuser continuing a pattern of ACTUAL FUCKING VIOLENCE, and not only do you pretend like this is not some kind of problem by refusing to file a police report, but you indulge and encourage it by publicly stating (PUBLICLY STATING) that everyone on the show “wishes him the absolute best.” EVERYONE ON THE SHOW WISHES HIM THE ABSOLUTE BEST? A) WHY? B) FUCK YOU.

This is an amazing collection at Urlesque, of course from Hillary Buckholtz, of those tissue-thin mail order forms for books that we used to get in elementary school. They filled me with so much hope and excitement EVERY SINGLE TIME, as did actually getting to the book fair and getting my stack of books. I wish this still existed. Big ups to Christine, my pal since 3rd grade, for sending this to me this morning!

And after the jump, the new prequel teaser from Season 6 of Dr. Who. Excitement doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about it….

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