This is a comment I received on my blog.

May 27, 2011 at 8:01 pm (Uncategorized)

It is a parents job to be adjuvant and brook their female for who they are and who they prettify. Withal, allowing teen children to hit gender consanguine decisions they don’t regularize realize yet, could be real confusing I would imagine! Improve your children as the gender they are. If they prefer to deviate from that afterward on, be supportive. A white parent mention differences and be in music to their children as they get up. But it is the parents job to consecrate their kids the ripe tools so they conclude as they can fit in with their peers. Again, if they experience that they are a less various or poorness to explore new options, that’s o.k.! At small they had the possibleness to personage it out when their minds were to growth the content!

Never has so little been said with so much.

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  1. Nagel said,

    It’s genuinely and purely bizarre but on a first read I feel like there is at least two or three really good thoughts in there. Maybe at most two or three. But, Honestly, read it as though a computer translated it from Italian or Egyptian and look for more sensible word choice and chunks of it are very well thought out. Unfortunately I don’t know the content of the article so I don’t know if it’s for or against you but hopefully for, because we can always use more love right?

  2. Juin said,

    The writing seemed sort of stream-of-consciousness rambling mixed with the “translation word-substitution problem”. I think Nagel is being charitable to say there are two or three good ideas, but let’s hope for the best. At least the person took the time to write. And read your blog, too-yay!

  3. M said,

    Red Wine and Ambien

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