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January 26, 2012 at 10:51 am (gynomite's reading room)

Are they seriously making another of those huge ensemble cast movies about pregnancy? JLo? Cameron Diaz? SERIOUSLY? Why, Anna Kendrick, why? I thought you were better than this!

This is a very interesting piece at Jezebel speculating about why…. ahem, jizzing in a woman’s face is considered so chic in pornography and beyond.

There’s a chance that several major food companies are using aborted fetuses in their food, or Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey is an idiot. At Gawker.

Here’s a breakdown of what black people watch on TV.

Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre is working on a experimental performance piece about ICP. Yup, read that sentence again.

I dunno, maybe I’m over sensitive, and too PC, and all the other things that ignorant folk sometimes say when they’re being assholes, but I think that a movie poster like this kinda encourages fear.

Seriously? NO ONE IS SAFE with a picture of a black man’s face, even a face as beloved as Denzel’s? It just seems like it’s encouraging some deep down fears. By the way, if the movie is Denzel being a bad guy, I’m totally in.

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  1. Daniel said,

    I think your being to pc. Every1 is to sensitive nowadays where accidentally saying or thinking the wrong thing could ruin your social status. Great job on the live show.

  2. powkang said,

    there are ads for this same film in nyc subways, and it has the same tagline but with both denzel and ryan reynolds. i sort of see it in this version of the ad, but i also tend to be overly p.c.

    i also have no idea what the movie is about, and have zero interest in seeing it to find out.

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