Videos of My Life.

February 1, 2012 at 10:18 am (videos of my life)

Yup, I loved this song, and yup, I loved this video even more because I thought the lead singer was complete babe. I was just entering my phase of loving guys with long hair, despite whatever the rest of his person looked like, but I liked …. Mike Edwards’ face (Is that name right? Not gonna google it.) too. He was gorgeous.

As a postscript to this story, in early 2000s, late 90s, my best friend Carlos and I went to see Jesus Jones perform in a small club in Carrboro NC. They played this song midway through the show, which was a mistake, because a lot of people left after hearing it. We got to talk to the band after the show (they’ve aged well), and Carlos told the lead singer that I a) had a poster of them up on my wall, and b) that I was in love with him.

That’s a curious moment, because you can’t say to the guy “No I was not in love with you!”, and you also can’t be all creepy and go “Seems like I still am!”. ┬áSo I settled on punching Carlos and shrugging.

I did not get laid that night.

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