Thoughts of a girl who watched the Grammys.

February 12, 2012 at 10:43 pm (music)

  • Bruno Mars probably gets a lot of ass. We get it dude. You’re squeaky clean and therefore fuckable.
  • Chris Brown reminds me of those clients I used to see that were very skilled at convincing you that they’re innocent and they’ve just been the victims of circumstance. You believe them because they’re super charming and talented, even as you feel a little itch in the corner of your brain, and then when they leave, you discover your wallet is gone. This guy is planet of rage barely concealed with a veneer of aww shucks wanna watch me dance?
  • Turns out I like Foster the People, but only as The Beach Boys.
  • I genuinely thought that Glen Campbell was Mickey Dolenz in the audience shot of him, and I was excited that he’d gotten such a good seat.
  • Taylor Swift, you can officially stop looking surprised when people think you did a good job. If you want to see what real grownup appreciation of having people applaud for you looks like, watch how Adele handled her epically long standing ovation. And if you’re like “But Taylor Swift is a kid and Adele is a grownup”, fuck you- Adele is 23, Taylor is 22. She’s just working super hard to seem 15 forever.
  • Oh god, that Chipotle commercial. WHERE CAN I GET THAT WILLIE NELSON COVER?!
  • Don’t ever cut off Dave Grohl while he’s making a speech about “real music”, and especially┬ánot to the sounds of LMFAO, or to introduce Ryan Sechrest.
  • I don’t think Katy Perry’s over that divorce yet, you guys. Run Katy Run!
  • Most likely, you cannot sing like Adele. Adele almost lost her vocal cords singing like Adele, and she’s Adele.
  • Bon Iver charmed my pants off. Two or three years ago, Nick Thune made Kumail and I watch Bon Iver while we were all at Bonnaroo together, and he was amazing. That’s all.
  • In my head, the Foo Fighters were set up so far away from Chris Brown during their “split performance” because Dave Grohl refused to appear near Chris Brown.
  • Also, while we’re on the topic, how has the Foo Fighters drummer, who I believe was in Sunny Day Real Estate, stayed gorgeous and unaged for about 15 years?
  • Deadmau5. Take off the helmet- is he still good? Not judging, just genuinely curious.
  • Nicki Minaj, I love you. Your songs are either amazing or utterly terrible, but I cannot stop watching you. OH MY GOD THAT GIRL IS LEVITATING WHILE RAPPING. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO FEEL.
  • Lady Antebellum guy, button up your fucking shirt. You’re on television.

And I’m done. I can’t watch anymore, it’s time to shut this puppy down.


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  1. Mel said,

    Foo Fighters’ first drummer, William, was in Sunny Day Real Estate. Their current drummer, Taylor, used to drum for Alanis Morissette.

  2. PopsTwitTar said,

    the Foos drummer, Taylor Hawkins, wasnt in SDRE. The drummer who was in the Foos before him, William Goldsmith, was in SDRE, with Nate Mendel, who is still the Foos bassist. Goldsmith played on the Foos first tour, and then played a few parts on the Foos’ second album – but he was canned during the recording.

  3. Will said,

    The drummer for SDRE (William Goldsmith) quit after Grohl re-recorded the drum tracks himself for their 2nd album. The new drummer (Taylor Hawkins) was a go-to road drummer for Sass Jordan and Alanis Morrisette before being hired on with Foo. Both are awesome, but WG doesn’t quite have the metronomic precision TH does.

  4. Spencer Swinson said,

    Deadmau5 would still be as good without the helmet, but the persona that he has created is just like the persona that any fun saturday morning kids shows create but for young adults to enjoy

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