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March 21, 2012 at 11:19 am (gynomite's reading room)

I dunno, the headline of this CNN story made me laugh- Muslims Urged to Return Tickets to Lady Gaga’s Jakarta Concert.

I bet you didn’t know these couples were married! I didn’t! CELEBRITY!

Holy shit, Elizabeth Banks mentioned Meltdown Comics and “the comedy back there” in a Slate podcast!

I really liked this post about a guy who went from working a desk job in Iowa to being a screenwriter, thanks to Reddit.

Mass Effect 3 set to get an “altered ending” after weeks of protest of how lame it is.

This is the hypnotic theme to Frasier, as interpreted by Drew Spears, our Social Media Coordinator.

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  1. Hunter Rose said,

    I don’t know that ME3 will get an altered ending. They may just try to provide context to explain what they throught they were portraying in the ending.

  2. Patrick (@Rurouni1029) said,

    What have you thought of the Hunger Games, you’ve mentioned a few times you’ve read it and liked it, what did you like about it? I was wondering if you got to the second one yet.

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