Gynomite’s Reading Room!

March 27, 2012 at 1:51 pm (gynomite's reading room)

I’m in Melbourne Australia for a bit, so my posts may arrive at weird times and sometimes not at all, but worry not, I’ll be back soon and in full speed ahead mode. In the meantime, read these things!

My dad pointed me to this amazing article about a guy who invented an artificial heart that works like a turbine and renders you alive and yet pulse-less.

There’s a new Indoor Kids up, and in this one, we discuss video game-related books!

I don’t mean to drag down this party, but here’s George Zimmerman’s account of what happened that gave him the right to shoot and kill Trayvon Martin. This story just disgusts me all the way around. And in case you haven’t heard, please learn all about Shaima Alawadi, the Iraqi woman who was beaten to death in her California home for being Muslim.

A horrifying article at Jezebel about race in movies, after people freaked out that Rue is black in the Hunger Games movie. (Spoiler alert: she’s described as having dark skin in the book too, morons). But beyond that, being married to a man who is Pakistani and a damn fine actor, I see how he often has a hard time, going out for auditions where he plays a cab driver or a convenience store clerk, being told to “crank up his accent”. When he goes out for roles that anyone (read: white guys) could play, he’s often told that they’re going a “more traditional route”. At the very least, Hollywood, casting good, funny, non-white dudes in roles where race is not specified (which are most roles) is a good way to diversify your shit without trying too hard.

Please watch this sneak peek of the Nerdist YouTube Channel, featuring Steve Agee, Kumail and me for The Indoor Kids Nerdist webshow!




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