July 10, 2012 at 8:51 am (fashion)

Glamour magazine does a thing where they pick five pieces of clothing and then show women wearing them in different combinations (with other clothes) for 30 full days- the idea being that Glamour wants to teach you how to make a couple of pieces work in a lot of ways. They choose both models and some of their editing staff for the photo spread, and it’s generally a fun time.

But I think they’re mad at this one girl.

This girl, Megan. Here they just have her in a leather coat over a denim jacket, which is stupid for summer but still cute…

Today we put Megan in a lab coat over a Velvet Underground t-shirt over a dress- still kinda cute. Let’s accessorize with “nerd glasses” too! If she looks too much like a scientist, just pile her hair on top of her head.

But what’s this, Megan? The girls on either side of you get cute, form-fitting ensembles, and you get to wear grandpa pajamas on top of other grandpa pajamas?

Pajamas again, but over jeans? Isn’t this for the August issue?

At this point, Megan seems so weirded out by the clothing they’ve chosen for her that she’s gone full Joey Tribiani. How you doin?


Megan, if you want to work for a company that respects you a bit more, come and work for Gynomite. I won’t pay you, but I also won’t make you dress in pajamas every day.

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