Ways I Know That I’m a Grownup Now.

July 19, 2012 at 12:59 pm (my life)

None of this is to say that not doing these things means you’re not a grownup, or that doing these things means you are a grownup. This is just me talking about my stuff.
  • I can keep a 12 pack of soda in the house without drinking it all at once.
  • When two friends of mine date and then break up, I don’t take sides and instantly hate the wrongdoer, because I can understand the feelings on both sides.
  • When I see a gorgeous girl, I can appreciate that she’s gorgeous without feeling shitty about myself. (I may still compare myself to her.)
  • The next day, I remember what happens at parties.
  • When dining out with friends and the bill comes, it’s no longer an awkward, tense math session that ends with someone screaming “I DIDN’T EVEN EAT ANY OF THE APPETIZERS!”
  • I can keep liquor in the house without drinking it all at once.
  • When a younger guy hits on me, I think it’s adorable rather than sexy.
  • I don’t lose my glasses/sunglasses constantly.
  • I no longer believe that food I eat when I’m alone doesn’t count.
  • I look to my parents for advice.
  • I can give and receive compliments without feeling weird.
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