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August 3, 2012 at 10:02 am (gynomite's reading room, Uncategorized)

Two well-written, personal pieces about the Chick-Fil-A controversy (?). I don’t care about most business owners personal beliefs, WHICH IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. You own a chicken chain, you’re not a speaker of the masses. But if you make it a priority for me to know, then I will act accordingly.

I wrote this for about the most timeless kids shows in both existence and my opinion!

The New York Times decides to cover sexism in gaming. A rehash for most of us, but some good quotes in there!

I ask Kumail about this stuff all the time- a list of the things that foreigners hear but don’t believe until they come to the US.

Another piece from me just reacting to the new Dr Who trailer, again at!

An interesting piece at Slate about how online culture has changed actual critique of literature. Not shitty badmouthing, mind you, but actual critique.

Jane McGonigal on how videogames can change your life (read her book- Reality is Broken)

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