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November 12, 2012 at 9:55 am (gynomite's reading room, Uncategorized)

Firefly ten year reunion. Recognize.

I worked in a residential facility for SPMI adults for over a year- it was basically a hotel that had been converted into a home for 270 adults with schizophrenia, drug problems, dementia, and mental retardation. It was an incredibly difficult place to work, and inspiring, and hilarious, and heartbreaking, and everything else. I am incredibly annoyed by most horror movies that are set in “asylums” or “institutions”- yes, these places were inhumane in the 50s and 60s, and yes, mental illness is a perfect setting for horror because we’re all so afraid of our own minds turning on us, but movies about “psychos on the loose” only serve to increase the stigma and ignorance about severe persistent mental illness, and its treatment. When I read that this guy, Jon Crispin, was a photographer that documented the insides and outsides of abandoned mental health facilities, I rolled my eyes, but I was wrong: this guy gets it. He gets that these are human beings with lives that were shattered by their own illnesses. His collection of photographs of the insides of patient suitcases left at institutions is touching and beautiful and done with reverence. Go take a look, and check out the rest of his work here. I am a fan.

New Indoor Kids episode up, with esteemed guest Jeff Rubin!

Jean Paul Gaultier’s newest collection is a literal salute to 80s pop stars. FASHION.

This is a lovely review of our field trip to NYC last week!

Stockholm is officially awesome for not letting anyone forget what Chris Brown really is, which is a batterer.

A really fascinating essay about how the Walking Dead games get us to feel so much for their characters. Hint: it’s all about the faces. Check out the website in general if you get a chance, it’s all about the psychology of video games!

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  1. Kelly said,

    I feel a little uncomfortable by the use of Rihanna’s brutalized face… I think this could have been done another way and conveyed the same message.

  2. Jeff Stein said,

    Great post! Really interesting photographs…

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