Gynomite’s Reading Room!

November 26, 2012 at 9:49 am (gynomite's reading room)

Kumail and I are so excited to try the Hobbit menu at Denny’s we can’t even stand it. And yes, we know it’s a dumb gimmick, and yes, we know Denny’s is gross, but no, we don’t care. Big chain restaurants don’t care if your money is spent ironically.

Maybe a bit of a boring read, but this is an interesting essay¬†about why it’s okay to not have the person best at the chores doing the chores. If you’re married, a must read.

New Indoor Kids episode up today with our pal Gabe Delahaye! We tried a new format where we discuss current gaming news, but don’t worry, we still manage to talk about sex and play music randomly.

Wiener is cumming: the genius of Kelsy Abbott. Please go enjoy her NSFW poster of a Game of Thrones porn parody.

Breaking news: Moby charges over $150K per appearance! Today!

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  1. Wabbm said,

    Can’t wait to BUILD MY OWN HOBBIT SLAM!

  2. mabnix said,

    Why does my heart hurt after reading that menu?

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