On Country Music and Robots

December 31, 2012 at 11:06 am (music)

There are several funny things here. One: a country band called The Eli Young Band made a video for their song “Say Goodnight” that features a young woman hitting a robot with her car and then falling in love with it.

The song is a fairly typical pop country song, and the video is not the most imaginative thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s cute and fun and I think their intentions in making it were good and charming.

But there’s a funnier thing here. Country fans (and I’m generalizing here, sure) often like their music a certain way and their videos a certain way- there’s a comfort to how formulaic it can be, and a lovely use of creativity in what they can do within the country music “rules”. But overall, there’s not been a ton of innovation to the genre, so it’s super fucking hilarious when a country band then makes a country video about robots.

I thought it might be even more fun to highlight some of my favorite YouTube comments from “Saying Goodnight”. (Note: I tried to get through all 2400 comments but had to stop after about 1500 or so.) Ahemmm, here we go!


“Wow…that just completely ruined the song for me…..”

“Robot makes no sense….”

“I don’t get the robot it kinda screwed up the song js”

“this song is gret. not sure about a robot.”

“really.. a robot.. that’s ridiculous”

“Never been so confused in my life….”

“love between woman and machine. weird”

“The fuck has this world come to………..”

“awesome song but absolutely horrible music video”

“This is a TERRIBLE video to the song. Love the song, reminds me of my fiance when she is away at school. But come on, a robot? really? you couldnt at least make it human halfway thru. FAIL.”

“Why are their music videos so weird? I wish it was just a nice normal cute one..”

“that robot was pointless…..”

“this is just wrong, you just cant date a fucking robot. just doesn’t work.”

“Robots don’t have personality”

“so is this song about a girl dateing a robot :/ ?”

“Ok at least I’m not the only one who doesn’t get the Robot part… nice song, but video is ???”

“I MUST be slow. Can someone please explain to me this video cause I DON’T get it, lol. Does ANYone else understand this video? :-D”

“So uhm, did anybody else notice the fucking robot….?”

“What the fuck” “What the hell” or a variation thereof was said so many times I just decided to tally them up. IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII



“The robot is representing how you can love someone for what’s inside them :)”

“If you think it is, then you must judge people by their covers. If you truely love someone, then looks shouldn’t matter. As this video is depicting. I happen to think its very sweet and represents how this world should act to others who are different than us.”

“Country music needs more high concept and strange music videos. Every single damn one of them has been the same since the first was recorded.”

“I feel that they were trying to say that you can’t really find a guy that you can just treat like that robot, and if you do treat him like that, he will leave you. But that’s just me trying to make some sense out of this video…”

“Its a beautiful song and video… u think because its different its weird… where is ur damn imagination!”

“Love this song! If you all would comprehend the lyrics at a different perspective you might just understand the video. Eyb isnt just some country band. Theyre different theyre proving that by not using beer, half naked woman, guns, etc. quit being so damn simple minded.. Explore, use your creativity.”



“the robot doesn’t make sense, but neither does true love”

“How do they have sex?”



“Still a better love story than twilight.”

I thought this would be a funny post at first, but now I’m just bummed out at how xenophobic humans can be. Sure, you can say “It’s just a music video, calm down!”, but I really believe that people’s reactions to art really speak to their reactions to anything different from them, or anything they aren’t expecting. A robot in a video shouldn’t blow anyone’s mind this much.
I once went to a Christmas party in my hometown with some family friends, where I overheard a man my age bragging that his children refused to eat “foreign food”. “Not even Taco Bell, can you believe it?!” I am afraid for a world where people are this “confused” and “disturbed” by a creative music video. What the fuck has this world come to, indeed.
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    I love you Ems!

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