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February 14, 2013 at 11:27 am (gynomite's reading room, Uncategorized)

Brad and Angelina’s four year old daughter makes more money than you.

This little boy and his French bulldog are the best of friends.

Allison Williams of Girls writes an open letter to Twitter. No one cares that much.

Some of my favorite pics from last night’s Meltdown pilot taping! It went better than I could have hoped, and it was one of the best nights of my life.

Goats screaming like humans.

This in depth piece about Harmontown in Grantland is pretty spot on. As a person who has a small role in that show, it’s absolutely one of the most fascinating, funny, and horrific things I’ve witnessed. This is my favorite paragraph, not just as it applies to Dan but as it applies to all of us who call ourselves “self-aware”.

And in a way, maybe this is the central question Harmontown keeps asking, of Harmon and of us. Is there a point where simply copping to your own bullshit is not enough, where — especially if you’re smart enough to understand and anatomize it brilliantly — you’re irresponsible if you don’t do something to change it? Is there a point where being honest about what a bad person you are is worse than just being a bad person through heedlessness? As a genius, should you be capable of doing something besides describing the bars of your own cage?

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