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February 19, 2013 at 6:24 pm (gynomite's reading room, Uncategorized)

The new gestures that new technology have given us- fascinating read.

Here are 17 before and after photoshop gifs that will make you hate society.

I wrote this for Rookie about a “romance” I had in middle school. Real squirmy reading.

Love this model’s TED Talk about winning the genetic lottery.

And speaking of which, a fellow Rookie writer wrote this advice column to a Christian band and it is scathing and hilarious.

All Star Bowling is coming to TV, via AMC! Hooray Nerdist! Bonus- watch the webpisode that I was on here!

New Indoor Kids for this week! Come for the video games, stay for the goat sounds.

A dude writes about how Lena Dunham made him a feminist. Go read it. Or not. Fair warning, it’s at Vice.

Hilarious boy band photo shoots of yore.

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  1. The Most Important TED Talk Of All Time | Videogum said,

    [...] Sorry, TED Talk about drying your hands and TED Talk about tying your shoes, but this almost impossibly un-self-aware 10 minutes of self-aggrandizement-disguised-as-humility humblebrag-garbage in which Cameron Russell puts on a pair of flats as a visual demonstration of how…looks…aren’t…I mean…they…are…but…OK…what? No, I get it, it’s totally crazy how she is pretty and therefore you shouldn’t uh she’s pretty OK the end. TED TALKS ARE SO IMPORTANT AND FULL OF GENIUSES, OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE INCREDIBLE WORLD OF IDEAS! (Via Gynomite.) [...]

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