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May 7, 2013 at 7:51 am (gynomite's reading room)

This is a fantastic post about the sometimes psychotic nature of teenage crushes. Please enjoy.

New Indoor Kids up today! Dominic Dierkes is with us to talk game mascots!

An amazing post about bad TV actors from my former Vulture editor Willa Paskin!

Kids check email/Instagram/Facebook during studies about how they study, because they cannot even go 15 minutes without multitasking. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE.

Here’s a link to my Tumblr, How to Disappear Completely. Go follow it! I’m more active there these days!

The Disney Princessification of Disney movie heroines.

I was interviewed over Google Docs over a period of a couple of weeks by this dude, and it was fun! Go read the result!

Elizabeth Smart speaks out against abstinence-only sex education, where analogies are made that sex makes you a chewed up, used piece of chewing gum. Boys aren’t used up after they chew one piece of gum, but the girls, who are the gum, are wasted and useless. Horrible analogy.

Madonna, some dude, and Frank Ocean at the Met Gala, which was punk themed, and yes, I still feel weird about it.


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  1. whereibelongsf said,

    I was a Peace Corps volunteer with some very nice, very well-meaning Christians. They desperately wanted to teach the local girls to be ashamed of their bodies and that if they had sex no one would respect them and they would hate themselves. Implicit in all of it was that if they were raped, it would be all their fault. It was so incredibly twisted.

  2. whatwhat said,

    Being a closet lesbian (I didn’t really figure it out until later on) in my teenage years, I feel like i missed out on the whole boy-crazy stage of the girl crushes you explain in your article. I definitely had friends who went through the whole spectrum of overt feelings towards movie/rock stars. I often was confused and yet envied their unbridled passion towards such figures. Thank you for explaining the intensity of my friends love affairs.

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