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May 22, 2013 at 2:09 pm (gynomite's reading room, Uncategorized)

Kim Kardashian’s baby shower invite is a music box that plays Kanye songs because of course it is.

My review of the Doctor Who finale is up at!

There was a totally normal, sexual, badass, fun female character who also happened to be overweight in a few episodes of The New Girl. Huge progress, guys!

The final episode of Fetch Quest went up today! Go watch!

Where am I, hormonally, if this video of a man recreating his interpretive dance to Landslide 10 years later made me cry?

Girls are distracting boys with their normal outfits. Sheesh.

This puppy has the hiccups, and it’s very cute.

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  1. Stacy said,

    I hope they bring Elizabeth back on New Girl. She was such I’m not gonna take your shit and who cares what I look like character and she rocked it. Also we lost Lauren another bigger empowering girl character from Glee last year. They both had conventially attractive bfs. Why not show girls that they can get the guy they want and deserve?

  2. Jaeandrew said,

    McCane health care kicks Obama’s butt

  3. Jessica-Star said,

    On Landslide it’s hard not to tear up even without a video, and in a hormonal moment it isn’t even a choice. But the fact that he was ten years older doing it did make a few moments extra poignant (even if it was mostly silly fun).

  4. Jessica-Star said,

    Also, FetchQuest has been really really great and funny. Props to all involved. The music video style always reminded me of some of the old Prozzak videos, do you know if that was an influence?

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